Next Medal of Honor Coming 2012

With EA’s Medal of Honor franchise successfully rebooted, it looks like the publisher is running headlong into sequel mode. A new job listing from Danger Close, the studio formed specifically to develop the Medal of Honor reboot, reveals that it’s already working on a new “unannounced AAA first person shooter title.”

The listing is specifically for a senior gameplay engineer, and among the requirements are expert knowledge in engineering “weapons” and “vehicles,” and “Exposure to multiplayer and/or co-op development.” So unless Danger Close is already planning on developing a brand new FPS franchise (unlikely), this all looks to be pointing toward Medal of Honor 2 – or whatever the follow-up will officially be called. 

EA previously revealed that Danger Close was already working on their next game, but wouldn’t give any details about it. They did, though, make clear that there would be more than a year of development time on any new entry in the Medal of Honor series, and indeed this job listing states this mystery title’s progress is “early in development.” So if this is in fact Medal of Honor 2, probably don’t expect to see it on shelves until at least 2012.

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