Rumors Claim Modern Warfare Prequel

Two Call of Duty rumors have spread across the web today, and they suggest the mega-successful franchise is going in two new directions: A prequel to Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward, and a new entry from Singularity developer Raven Software.

Raven Software’s involvement comes from a new job listing the studio posted (via MCV), which explains they’re looking for an FX artist “to drive the development of stunning visual effects for an established console-based, realistic, first-person military shooter.” Considering Raven Software is owned by Activision, it’s not hard to guess which established military FPS franchise they could be referring to. 

As for the Modern Warfare prequel, this rumor’s a little shakier. It comes by way of, which claims a “source within the industry” tipped them off to to a new CoD in development at Infinity Ward that’ll focus on the Modern Warfare 2 character Ghost (and made using the MW2 engine), showing the events leading up to the first Modern Warfare and how Ghost became a member of Task Force 141 (a story shown in a comic series published around the release of MW2). claims this source has given them reliable information in the past, but obviously, there’s no telling just how legitimate this rumor is.

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