Jordan Peele’s follow up to his breakout hit Get Out probably isn’t what anyone was expecting, but for me this just makes the man more interesting, and his follow up is every bit as good as Get Out, albeit not quite as polished.

Basically, the film centers around an average Amerian family on their annual trip to the beach to relax and unwind for a week. Though I guess you could argue that there is no such thing as an average American family that has a holiday home at the beach. Add to this that the mother is still traumatized by events that happened at the beach when she was a kid and I guess we’re some distance away from the average family.

But hey, by average we can say down to earth folks.

But back to the story, after some weird shit going down at the beach – weird but not concerning – the family return home and settle in for the night, when someone notices that there is a family standing in their driveway, silhouetted by the street light. When the father goes out to confront them, he realises that they are doppelgängers of themselves and have nefarious intent.

What follows is an adrenaline ride of twists, turns, and jumps that will keep you on the edge of your seats, driven by a commanding performance by Lupita Nyong’o in her dual roles.

Us is a film that you could talk about for hours, discussing all manner of plot points, social commentary or perceived mistakes, and I could mention a lot more in my review, but the beauty of films like Us is going in only knowing the basic details of the film and discovering that you’ve just unwittingly jumped down the rabbit hole.

Us is undisputedly one of my top horror films of all time.

Rating: R16 Restricted to audiences 16 years and over. NOTE: Violence, offensive language & content that may disturb.

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