Konami Announce New Dance Moves

Konami have just announced that DanceDanceRevolution New Moves will be released across Australia and New Zealand in March 2011. This marks the debut for the PlayStation 3, and utalises extended full-body movement thorough the Move controllers. New Moves is set to feature over 50 tracks, ranging from popular hits to classic dance anthems and comes with enhanced multiplayer capabilities.

New Moves comes with a new mode where you can dance using both the DDR Dance Mat controller and the Move together. Users move both their upper and lower body as they dance to match the indicators displayed on screen.  The Move controller will also be used to create on-screen visual effects. 

There will also be a number of new modes: Dance Off: Two to four players take turns running through the same dance.

Club: Gamers can play over and over again in a marathon session with the difficulty increasing over time.

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