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It’s been a while since I played a golf game, and things seem to have changed somewhat. In the old days you got to turn your character around to face the direction you wanted to hit the ball in, then select the appropriate club, then determine the amount of power but pressing a button.

With the latest Tiger Woods game, things are a little bit more advanced. For starters, you get a limited amount of focus. Focus is what Luke Skywalker would use when playing golf, however unlike Luke’s Jedi powers, your focus is limited and has to be used wisely. It can be used to help boost the power of your shot, improve the accuracy of your shot, add mid-air spin and give yourself a much needed putting preview. But use it wisely young Jedi, or you will use it all up.

If this sounds all a little too easy, it’s not. It’s still a game of golf and with the limited powers EA have given you it’s still all to easy to keep getting the ball lost in the long grass or abundant sand bunkers dotted along the fareway. 

Of course, if using Jedi mind tricks on the ball is not your cup of tea, you can opt for the True-Aim style of play. You still get the same amount of focus, but without the accuracy circle, or the ability to follow the ball as it flies through the air. Rather you get to watch the ball from where you hit it, not quite knowing if you should Jedi Mind trick some spin on it – you’ve only got your gut feeling and the crowds reaction to rely on.

Thankfully – for me at least – this usually means you have enough focus left to help you putt, a major weakness of my golfing talent. Reading the green (in real life or on a console) just isn’t a skill I possess.

Another big step up from when I last played a gold game is the use of the thumb-stick to swing the club. A much more natural way of playing than the old school trying to hit the button, and much more rewarding when you manage to hit the perfect stroke.

Graphically the game is great, with fare-ways loving recreated and some stunning vistas to distract you. Game immersion is helped by the commentary of Kelly Tillman and Scott Van Pelt who for the most part do a good job.

There’s the obligatory training level where you learn all the skills required to master the game, and of course the usual character customisation. Rather than go for a beefed up Rambo style character, I decided to be realistic and add a bit of weight around the middle of my character. Fortunately this very un-golf like body didn’t effect my ability to hit the ball solidly down the fairway.

All up, based on my previous experiences with golf games, Tiger Woods is a huge improvement that manages to deliver a challenging, but fun (with the usual amount of frustration) game.

Reviewed on: XBox 360

Available on: XBox 360, PS3, Wii

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