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I didn’t blindly go into Minecraft with no understanding of the game.  I knew there was a strong possibility that I would not enjoy it.  But there was something about the phenomenon that gave me the desire to at least try Minecraft.  So try it I did.

Minecraft’s blocky world seems to have been faithfully recreated on the XBox, and if I’m honest the world is quite vast and offers a lot to explore and do, if you can be bothered.  And that’s the game’s biggest issue.  If you can be bothered.  That in my opinion is what differentiates between a Minecraft fan and a Minecraft detractor.

And to be bluntly honest, I can’t be bothered with Minecraft.

If I want a vast open world to explore I’ll fire up Skyrim or New Vegas.  If I want to build things with blocks, I’ll go play with my daughter.

Minecraft just doesn’t fit in my XBox universe.

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