DVD Review: Wonder Woman

DC comics finally got it right! Marvel has held the upper hand for many years in the genre of super hero films with a few duds produced by DC, Wonder Woman breaks the trend and breathes new life onto the big screen. Many failed attempts toward Cat Woman, left the female fan club crying for a super hero worth the hype. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) portrays strength, wit, innocence, beauty, and grace and wins admirations of all except for the evil villains she aims to eradicate.

Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) is a demigod known as an Amazon, protector of humanity. A direct descendent of Zeus, she possesses a power far greater than anyone of her kind. Honing her ability to fight and strengthening her opposition to War, she prepares to defend her destiny at all costs against the evil buried within the God of War and her sibling Ares.

Ares has overthrown his father Zeus, and Zeus bestows a god killing weapon with the last of his dying breath with a vow to protect all sacred understanding of balance in the universe. Diana will soon discover her destiny and the power within that she is indeed the miracle of the god’s to stand and fight against all things evil.

Living in the bubble of her own existence, Diana is sheltered to the Island of Paradise known as Themyscira. Mundane battle preparation is interrupted as WWI British Intelligence Spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes into the sea off the coast of this mysterious island. Chased by the Nazis seeking to destroy him and reclaim stolen property, the Amazons come to fend off the enemy. Battle sequences introduce new moves, new ideas, and hype up the epic journey that viewers will be enthralled to watch.

Meeting her new found friend and interest, Diana is equipped with the lasso of truth, the powerful and indestructible bracelets, and her tiara and is ready to take out Ares once and for all. Humanity is not doing well and is ravished by the War that ends all War…and people need Diana’s help. Spurred by Steve’s appearance, let the journey begin.

Diana is taken to London high command as Steve delivers the confiscated recipe book of Dr. Poison. Dr. Maru Poison (Elena Anaya) and Ludendorff (Danny Huston) are the evil villains of this story. Representing the darker areas of humanity via Germany, they aim to destroy those who oppose them with poison. Steve endeavours to save the war and turn the tide by eliminating chemical warfare from the equation.

Pine and Gadot have wonderful chemistry and bring a believable story of trust and affection. Gadot brings to life the struggle and despair of a demigod that cannot seem to wrap her head around how humanity has fallen to dark depths of evil. Humorous dialogue is witty and lightens the load of the war. Villains are not as one would seem, and it begs to answer the hidden secrecy of all things evil.
Final battle does not disappoint. Clever CGI and videography is visually stunning and the underdog struggle of finding oneself and your purpose is well emphasised. Wonder Woman can certainly hold her own!

Rating: M Violence.




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