What Happened To Monday?

Tommy Wirkola of Dead Snow fame lends his hand at a more serious dystopian action flick with What Happened To Monday? Set in a future world where over population is literally killing the world, and genetic crops are causing more and more people to have multiple births, leading the government to enforce a strict 1 child family law. But knowing the right hospital to go to, means that some can avoid having their extra children sent into cryosleep. Such is the case with Terence Settman, who takes his seven identical daughters home and trains them in secret to live a very careful existence, naming all seven after the days of the week, and only allowing them out on their name day.

Jump 30 years forward and the now adult girls have a complicated life where five of them hold down the one job, have one night stands and try and keep their stories straight to avoid detection.

The real strength of What Happened To Monday? is Noomi Rapace who plays all seven very different adult girls with the same eerie manner that Tatiana Maslany did in the multi clone Orphan Black.

Once we’re introduced to the concept and the day to day monotony of their lives, we get the killer twist. Monday doesn’t come home, and the girls have to try and figure out what happened, but pretty soon they realsie they are being hunted down by a black ops squad, determined to take all seven out without word of their existence breaking.

What Happened To Monday? starts out feeling a little B-grade, but once Rapace starts to dominate the screen, the film picks up and turns into an edge of your seats mystery/thriller that only really stumbles at the end when it can’t decide what kind of a message it really wants to leave the audience with.

Rating: R18 Violence, offensive language & sex scenes.



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