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Sony are promising that this device will built upon the success and lessons learnt from the PSP and PS3 platforms. It also promises to bring a more “immersive” level of game play by leveraging on wifi and 3G networks, enabling a much deeper experience in social gaming.

The device will carry a multitouch 5″ OLED display which offers gameplay with 3 Dimensional motion such as grab, push and pull. It will be interesting to see how Sony will pull that one off, something that could be very cool indeed,

Of the other good looking features is two analog sticks, full six axis motion sensors and the final nail in the coffin to the not widely loved UMD disk system. Along side the hardware various framework features will add to the gaming experience.

LiveArena will link individual gaming titles into more of a community thing allowing you to connect with other gamers and hear about the latest news. On the outset it looks like a Playstation Network specifically for the mobile gaming side.

Near is a system that will link you to geographically to your closest friends and communicate or challenge online.

So the refresh of platform looks like a refresh of new portable gaming ideas at Sony. Stay tuned as we gain more knowledge over the next few days, weeks and months towards the launch date.

Some Specs for Yaspecs-4

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