Movie tie-ins and kids games are never high on my list of must play games, so whilst I was about to become a hero to my kids through bringing home the Toy Story 3 game, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a couple of nights playing the game. This all changed when I sat down and started playing Toy Story 3. The opening mission, is similar but not an exact replica of the opening scene of the film, and is actually quite a lot of fun, if some what on the easy side (for your average adult gamer). Once this first mission is over you get introduced to the two main aspects of the game, one being the story mode where you have to complete tasks to move onwards, and the other being the Toy Box – an open world style game-play where you (and a friend can join in) get to mess around doing whatever you want. There are missions you can do for the other toys that populate the toy box town, or you can just have fun decorating the buildings and dressing the inhabitants. Adventurous children can explore the area and unlock bonuses, or work there way through all the mini missions, unlocking much more. 

The great thing about two player Toy Box mode is that you can both run off and do your own thing – there’s no fighting as to who wants to do what next. Graphically the game is a bright and cheerful as the film, and you get to interact with all your favourite characters. Another huge thing for a children’s game, keeping to the Toy Box mode, is that it is really accessible to a whole range of ages and abilities, and children will be-able to spend hours just having fun – much the way they would playing with a bunch of new toys in real life. From decorating and dressing up, to discovering hidden treasure and racing each other, to figuring out how to solve complex puzzles, utilising the best character for the job, Toy Story 3 is a totally immersive game that offers up a range of challenges that will keeps most kids – and a few adults – happy for a long time.
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