Rumours: Dead Space & Dragon Age

Kotaku have an anonymous “insider” spreading two new rumours around Electronic Arts’ biggest “new” franchises: Dead Space and Dragon Age. Though Dead Space 2 managed to ship over two million units in its first six months of release, Kotaku are claiming that EA wants to “make the series bigger and better.”  The plan: A Dead Space first-person shooter, a Dead Space “flight game” and, lastly, a Dead Space “Uncharted-like game.”

The recent EA management shift in August “alomst killed off Dead Space 3” But it’s not dead and, as previous rumours suggested, Dead Space 3 takes place on ice planet Tau Volantis and will feature co-op.

And then there’s Dragon Age… Kotaku’s insider claims Dragon Age will get a multiplayer offering, reportedly powered by DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine. This could be part of a future Dragon Age installment, let’s call it Dragon Age 3, or a separate downloadable title; the gameplay will be arena-based, and feature both PvE and PvP combat, as well as … dragons. Because Dragon Age, and all that.

We can only hope that Kotaku’s insider is just the rampant imagination of a bored news writer with nothing better to do.

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