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remember-me-2We all love Facebook, right? Ok, so you may not, but bajillions of people do, and share cat photos on an hourly basis. Social media has exploded and changed the way we view privacy, with many on the one hand demanding their privacy, whilst uploading every detail of their daily lives onto their chosen platform for the word to see. Remember Me takes this concept one step further, making your very memories into a tradable commodity. But this new technology has a trade off, society is now tightly controlled and the memory economy has may but a handful of people very powerful, and with power comes corruption.

Set in a futuristic dystopian Paris in the year 2084, Remember Me is a refreshing entry into the games market, refreshing because it has a very capable female lead role. You get to play the role of Nilin in this beautifully rendered third-person action/adventure brawler game.

You job, after you’ve escaped prison, is to recover your identity, your memories, with the help of your one and only friend. Of course, going against the established authorities makes you a target, so get ready to fight.

The game is comprised of three basic parts. Combat, platforming and puzzle solving. All three are driven by a captivating storyline and a character that despite being female (and I only say this because I’m a male who is used to playing male roles in out male dominated gaming world) is easy to assimilate with.

The fighting is often set pieces where you’ll be up against a boss and his minions, using multipliers and choosing who to attack first is the key, along with having chosen the fright upgrades! The platforming aspect is what gets you to where you need to go, as well as allowing you to discover hidden objects, and driving the story along. The puzzle solving aspect is where Nilin has to re-mix a memory in order to change the way a certain person feels about something. 

Essentially there is nothing new with Remember Me, but then very few games bring ‘new’ to the table. What Remember Me does is deliver existing gameplay in an original package, with the uniquely awesomeness of a strong female character, causing to to wish that Naughty Dog had made Ellie a playable character, or that Rockstar had hit one out of the park by making one of their three characters a female in the upcoming GTAV.

Rating: M Contains violence and coarse language.



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