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I only started playing World of Tanks on my crappy old laptop after a couple of mate started playing it and were raving about it. I was instantly hooked, but by the time I was up to level five tanks, the constant updates (and my low data cap) along with

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Despite being a mad keen gamer I have made the decision not to move a “next-gen” console yet so I am pleased that we are still getting plenty of major title releases on the PS3 and 360, even if some of those have been somewhat disappointing (Gran Turismo 6, Beyond

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Halo: Spartan Assault is a kind of stop-gap between the last, last gen Halo and the next, next gen Halo game. It’s like someone at Microsoft HQ asked the question; Have we got a Halo game for the XBox One at launch? and when told a big fat negative he

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I feel kinda lucky in a weird way that I didn’t really enjoy the Tomb Raider reboot when it came out last year on the 360 and PS3. This probably had more to do with being sent a PS3 review copy and my disdain for having to play anything on

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Dead Rising 3’s first, in a planned series of “Untold Stories” DLC missions, sees you ditching Nick Ramos’ character and jumping into the boots of Special Forces operative Adam Kane in “Operation Broken Eagle.” The intro video sets the story, and your over eager commanding officer has decided it’s time

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Nothing seems able to stop the flood of Lego games, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman, just about anything pop-culture related seems to have had a Lego game spin off. And now it’s time for the biggest Lego game ever, Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The game begins,

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I’ve been playing a few new games on my XBox One over the holidays, the first of which was Peggle 2. Peggle 2 is obviously the sequel to Peggle and is one of those instantly addictive game you normally see on mobile devices from PopCap. In fact it’s a lot

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Need for Speed: Rivals is the first arcade racer available on the PS4 at launch, and it looks gorgeous in full HD. It’s the first AAA title I’ve played on the PS4 that hints at what visual treats we might see in future, fully next-gen titles. As an early adopter

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How do I review a game like Gran Turismo 6? I’ve been consistently disappointed with the series, despite hoping for the best with each new release. The biggest worry for me coming into Gran Turismo 6 was that it was being released for the PS3 and not the newly launched

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Need For Speed Rivals is the latest in what is possibly the longest running racing series, a series that I think I’ve played on every console I’ve owned. Rivals is the first by the newly named Ghost Studios, and keeps the distinctly arcady feel and the ability to choose what

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