In short, Overlord is a delightful B-Grade romp, and this in itself should be all you need to know to go see it, assuming you don’t mind a bit of gore and a few jump scares. But I sense that most people want to know more about the film.

What you should all know is that it’s a J.J. Abrams produced, alternative World War II action/horror. It’s based around the D-Day landings and a squad of paratroopers who were supposed to jump in before the invasion, and take out a radar installation based in a church in a small town. What they stumble on is the cliched Nazi mad scientist subterranean lab where they are experimenting on the local population to created super soldiers, a super-powered zombie like army to power the 1,000 year Reich.

Overlord kicks off with the intensity of Saving Private Ryan’s beach landings, but in the air above France as the squad of paratroopers endure flack, bullets and fire, resulting in a necessary cull of the squad. Things can never be easy or go to plan in these films!

Then once Private Ryan is over the film flips out and becomes more of a Zack Snyder Dawn of the Dead, though less zombie and more mad scientist with B-Grade malarkey coupled with a survival horror mentality and occasional laughs.

Finally the film drops back to classic war movie mode for the finish, and nicely wraps up a bloody good romp through a ménage of action, pulp and splatter.

Rating: R16 NOTE: Graphic violence, horror, offensive language & content that may disturb




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