NBA Live 19

I haven’t played a basketball game in quite a while, so I’m not going to be comparing NBA Live 19 to any of it’s previous incarnations or to any of it’s rival basketball games. I just dove into the game with no expectations or any idea of what to expect.

To say that I was a little overwhelmed would be an understatement. There is just so many choices to choose from, including the now standard, do I want to be a male or female.

So you can jump right into your favourite team and play a quick game or you can create a player and turn them into The One in a street basketball career mode. Of course with anything, if you just dive in, inexperienced as I was, chances are you won’t do that well. Luckily there are training sessions on offer teaching you all the moves for offense and defense.

Honing your skills might take time, but it’s always worth it. Taking your team on court with only an offensive ability will lead to defeat as much as taking a team on court when you only have defensive moves up your sleeve.

As you’d expect from basketball, the gameplay is fast and challenging. Snatching the ball from your opponent and running down court for a slam dunk might make you feel like the best player in the universe, but when our opponent returns the favour, it’s not such a good feeling. Shooting feels solid, but keep an eye on your players, even if you get that three pointer shot fired off perfectly according to the shot meter, if you’ve been running your player ragged, they’ll have a high chance of missing.

Whichever mode your choose to throw your time into, for a new player at least, NBA Live 19 will have moments of extreme frustration, especially if you decide to leave the training for game time, but keep going and eventually you’ll find your groove, and when that happens, as with most good games, you’ll start to really enjoy yourself.

NBA Live 18 is a fantastic basketball game, that not only feels sold, but looks great too. Cergtainly worth picking up.

Rating: G NOTE: Online Interactivity



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