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Major League Baseball 2K11 (MLB 2K11) marks the first time 2K Sports have released their Baseball title in New Zealand, so we can’t really compare it to it’s previous incarnations and tell you what changes have been made and what improvements you can expect to see.

MLB 2K11 is pretty much what you’d expect out of a sporting game, it has a few different game types, and you can jump right into a game or go practice, and of course you can develop your own player and play them through the minor leagues and into history – if you’re good enough.

But game modes don’t mean jack, if the game doesn’t look, feel and play right.

Graphically MLB 2K11 is what you’d expect.  It’s good to look at, but there is nothing that makes you go wow.  It’s the same with the audio and overall feel.  It’s what you’d expect and that alone is plenty to feel happy about.

Game-play however is great.  2K Sports seem to have (from my limited experience with Baseball) got the feel for the game just right.  You’ll find yourself either in front of the batter or in front of the pitcher.

If your pitching, you’ll have to pick one of 4 different types available, one of which will be suggested – I’m guessing by the dude with the big glove squatting behind the batter – and once you’ve chosen you have to use the thumb-sticks to pull of a perfect pitch.

Batting is the same, except rather than picking a type of pitch, you get to face the pitcher as he pitches the ball at you and them decide what type of swing you’re going to use to hit the ball, and then hit it.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds.  And a little bit more complicated, because there’s the whole fielding aspect and running between bases.

MLB 2K11 is gong to take me a while to master, mainly because to get the most out of it you have to play many roles.  Probably the best way to approach the game is to try mastering one thing at a time.  I’d probably go with batting first, because there is something magical about the first time you hit the ball properly and it goes where you want it to.

MLB 2K11 might not be on the top of every Kiwi sports fan’s wish list, but it is a solid game than will demand your focus and attention, but will reward you as you come to grips with it.

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