Mega Man Legacy Collection

XBox Live is usually the only place I vent when gaming, and it’s either because someone on my ‘team’ has done something incredibly stupid, or I have. But it’s been a long long time since I ever swore at a game. Yelled, cursed and threatened it’s very existence.

But I found myself doing this quite a lot whilst playing Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Mega Man Legacy Collection features reproductions of the original six Mega Man games, from the heyday of 8-bit gaming. As well as the six Mega Man games, Legacy features two new ways to experience Mega Man. Challenge Mode remixes sections from all six games, creating an all new challenge for players, and Museum Mode contains a massive collection of history, high-res art and concept pieces.

If you don’t know what Mega Man is, it’s 8-bit platforming at it’s best. From an era of gaming where you couldn’t just save your game at any point, and you had to endure the frustration of redoing parts of a level so many times, only the most determined gamers made it through the game. It takes basic concepts, such as jumping and shooting, and combines them with levels that demand split second precision and an unforgiving attitude towards failure.

It’s one of the most frustrating games I have played in a very long time. But it’s also bloody addictive. That old feeling of not wanting a stupid game to get the better of me, kept me coming back for more and more punishment. I was certain I was going to throw my controller at the TV at many points. Fortunately I didn’t.

The only thing I can think of that comes close to Mega Man in modern gaming would be, dare i say it, Flappy Bird. Frustratingly simple, frustratingly hard, frustratingly addictive.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: G Suitable for general audiences.

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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