Lost Planet 3

The original Lost Planet was pretty cool, but the follow up was pretty meh. So with the third installation of this series, Capcom handed the reigns over to Spark Unlimited who decided to jump back in time, and turn it into a prequel. They also took the games linear action and opened up the gameplay somewhat, making a much more interesting, well rounded, third person shooter.

Lost Planet 3 is set a few decades before the original game and you play the role of an independent contractor Jim Peyton, who has just arrived on the ice planet for a couple of years work, to try and raise some cash for his wife and child back on earth. After crash landing on the planet, Jim soon realises first hand that EDN III is not a friendly place to be, but manages to survive long enough to clock into his new job.

The storyline drives the game well, and has enough interest, and a bit of a twist later in the game, to keep you interested in what’s happening. Visually the game looks good, and the cut scenes work well.

The game is your basic third person shooter/bug hunt/go here and press that button type affair, but has plenty of optional side missions to keep things interesting and give you more options for upgrades.

You’ll spend a fair bit of time in your robotic rig, but also have to hump it on foot for many missions, taking you away from the relative safety of you rig, which has proximity bonuses of radar, increased healing and unlimited basic ammo. These missions can sometimes become something of a survival horror as you find your self surrounded by a variety of bugs, some very fast moving, and some that shoot acid or some such at you.

All in all Lost Planet 3 isn’t a bad way to waste a few evenings clutching a controller, and certainly brings the series back to form.

Rating: M Contains Science Fiction Violence.



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