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Kinect: Star Wars was supposed to be an epic game, but it’s not.  

It’s not an epic game because of a couple of reasons.  For one, rather than being an epic story set in the Star Wars universe, it feels more like a collection of disjointed missions, strung together in a kind of storyline.  The second, is that the game struggles with control issues.

As a Jedi in training, you get to use your lightsaber in your right hand and the force is controlled by your left.  This works ok in training when you’re using one or the other, but in a heated battle, when you’re combining them it has a tendency to fail as the Kinect muddles up your commands causing you, in some occasions, die.

As with Kinect Rush, the controls when it comes to vehicle play, work wonders – this time on the pods.  The first example of pod racing has you racing through a wooded area, and having to destroy your imperial chasers, using a combination of brakes and acceleration, with a nice targeting system that works really well.

It’s a pity that other parts of the game let the whole game down, with some very un-emmersive levels that have you sliding and dodging objects, or some on-the-rails game-play that insists that you realise you’re only playing a game.

Add to this some less than stellar graphics, some awful voice acting and the whole thing just leaves you depressed.

But again, realsing that this may not be a game for adults, I left my kids with the game for a couple of hours, and they seemed to be having fun, until they got to a part that they just couldn’t get past.  The controls had let them down and I didn’t have the patience to give the game another play.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi would say; This is not the game you are looking for.

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