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Kinect Disneyland is an explorable version of Disneyland. Not quite the same scale as the real Disneyland, but still an impressive site none the less. As you mix and mingle with the general population on site you get to meet, greet and interact with a stack load of Disney characters. From Mickey, Donald and Goofy all the way through the countless princesses, pirates and even Buzz Lightyear. In fact the spotting of Buzz Lightyear brought on an emotion reaction by my 3 year old that was akin to the Beatles landing in the USA.

The environment is fun and the navigation is quite slick. As you take in the sights and sounds you are reminded constantly that there is alot going on. One thing i noticed is the other patrons are constantly chatting to each other. As you pass others you can eavesdrop in on their conversations, which generally are talking about how awesome the park is. Never a bad word is heard in ths magical kingdom, nor are there the legendary lines for attractions that have cemented the good folk of the US of A as the kings of queuing.

So while there is the whole experience of the magical kingdom, and the quests Mickey and others send you on. There are of course many side attractions.

You can fly like Peter Pan, join Goofy in bobsledding the Matherhorn, fire away with Buzz Lightyear…. ok.. im going to halt it right here. There are alot of minigames. This is not a small game and it certainly was hard trying to cover all the ground here for a review.

If your looking for a family friendly game this is one you most defintely want on your shelf. The many mini games alone will generate hours of fun with the family, and allowing your kids some game time by exploring the magical kingdom will certainly keep them busy.

So… give into your inner child. Romp around Disneyland and explore the vast virtual wonderland that the clever cats at Frontier have created.

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