Get Out

Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) has no idea that his love for an Armitage (Allison Williams) is about to offer one of the best movies of its time. Genre enthusiasts would place Get Out in a league of its own. I had given up on the horror/thriller films many years ago, but there was something enticing about Jordan Peele’s wit and the rave reviews in its earlier release in the States that left me quite interested.

Travelling to the mysterious Armitage “plantation”, Chris will soon meet the very white extension of Rose’s family. Nervous and a bit reserved toward meeting the parents as the other half of a bi-racial romance, we see the fear of a black American traveling to white suburbia…and the fear is genuine and real. Irony would have that of a white suburbanite travelling to the ghetto. Comedic relief is offered by TSA Special Agent Rod Williams (LilRel Howery). In all fairness, Rod warns Chris not to go to the white folks place… Investigating every turn of events, you will appreciate Rod’s input into a jumpy and tense film that brings a lot to question.

Balancing an overall likeness to films of the past (I will refrain from mentioning as to not spoil the enjoyment of the mystery), Get Out achieves what many fall short of…it plugs every gap in the plot in which it intentionally creates. Peele is a mastermind of finding the dance between the terrifying unknown and the bite of truth that exists in the present.

Get Out gives you a conversation piece of moral ethics and racism all while entertaining you through a well-executed film. I appreciated the artistic and creative elements of the film while not over indulging one with typical horror film skin and splatter. All in all the appeal is to that of a wider adult viewing audience that will appreciate the awkwardness and tongue in cheek approach to keep the conversation rolling.

Get Out and enjoy the movie for yourself as I have struggled to not give you any spoilers and will leave the review at that.

Rating: R16 Violence, offensive language & horror.



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