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Fresh for the new year comes a brand new selection of screenshots from L.A. Noire, focusing on the incredibly lifelike characters of Rockstar’s dark detective thriller releasing later this year.   As a reminder, the human interactions you see here aren’t limited to what is commonly understood as cutscenes in

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In the lead up to Christmas we quietly launched a new website, with a focus entirely on Microsoft’s Kinect Unit.  We did this for two reasons, firstly because we absolutely love the Kinect, and secondly we recognise that it’s aimed at a slightly different demographic and as such didn’t want to overload this site with Kinect reviews and updates.  What we will be doing for GameGuide is producing a semi regular ‘weekly update’ to keep you informed of what we’re doing over at KinectGeek. 

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The humid nights that preceded Christmas, along with the increasing business of the Holiday season saw my intended 9 week fitness plan come to a crashing fail after barley two weeks.  But those two weeks were a combination of massive highs (as I continued to do better day after day) and frustrating lows (as I realised how un-fit I was as I continued to fail in completing many of my prescribed workouts).

The results in calories burnt seemed impressive, until I looked up what the average calorie intake was.  But it was a start, and with the more sedate pace of the new year, I aim to pick my game back up and pound off a few more calories.

One thing Active 2 did do, was encourage me into a more physically active holiday with plenty of beach walks and swimming rather than the usual sunbathe with a good book and get roasted like a lobster. 

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Playstaion 3 fan boys have been waiting for Gran Turismo 5 since the PS3 was launched in November 2006.   They were later teased with Turismo 5 Prologue, but it’s taken a while for Sony’s flagship racing series to actually see the light of day.  A lot has been promised, and with the tag line ‘The Real Driving Simulator,’ GT5 has a lot to live up to.

Now to be perfectly honest, I can’t rightly remember the last GT game I played, but the one thing I can remember is the annoying collision detection.  Can’t make it round the corner – no worries, with no damage you can just hit the barrier and keep going.  Worse still was collisions with other cars – no matter what you did, if you touched another car, the game would slow you down and allow the other car to speed away.

Since last playing GT I’ve played Codemasters Race Driver series, which turned into the more arcady but immensely fun GRID, the DIRT series and their recent F1 simulator along with of course, Microsoft’s Forza series.  I’ve also played some of the lesser racing titles like Burnout, Test Drive and Need for Speed.  Each have their very own approach to the racing genre, but only two really have a hold on the more serious nature of the game, F1 and Forza. 

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady Studios and DC Entertainment have just released the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City.  The video takes us behind the walls of Arkham City and reveals Hugo Strange, one of the villains featured in the game, and the secret he discloses to Batman!  Take sneak

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We’ve got a brand new selection of screenshots from L.A. Noire showing a glimpse of investigating crime scenes, examining lineups of suspects and other gritty detective work you’ll experience in next year’s anticipated crime thriller.

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announces the New Zealand launch of Game Party: In Motion on Kinect for Xbox 360 will be Dec 10th 2010.  The latest instalment of the popular Game Party series, Game Party: In Motion provides a great value this holiday season offering a collection of 16 fun and easy to pick-up-and-play arcade, sports and party games.

Developed by FarSight Studios, Game Party: In Motion allows players to jump into the action simply by moving their arms, legs or full bodies in natural motions to play games such as Darts, Root Beer Tapper, and QB In Motion. Players will be able to throw darts by extending their arm forward in a throwing motion, move from station to station filling up mugs of root beer for thirsty customers as they play Root Beer Tapper or throw footballs at moving targets while dodging tackles in QB In Motion. 

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Create is an interesting little game – though Solve might have been a better name for it.  It’s basically a problem solving game with a little bit of paint by numbers thrown in for good measure.  What you get is a collection of levels each with there own theme, where you get to decorate the level to unlock challenges.

Challenges are where the fun – and the thinking – kick in.  You’re tasked to achieve something then given a limited number of tools and objects to complete the task.  The early tasks are relatively easy, placing a ramp down to help a truck cross a rocky plateau.  As you progress however, things get trickier and will see you bouncing from building long and slightly insane contraptions to using a limited number of items to solve set puzzles. 

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On Sunday late afternoon we decided to fire up the Kinect again and try Kinect Sports. After much fun and hilarity, we decided to have a rest – it was still quite warm and we’d worked up quite a sweat playing ‘games’.

A while later my wife decided to make some muffins for the kids school lunches this week. With the younger kids helping her, I was redundant so went to have a quiet sit down in the lounge. I didn’t stay sitting for long however as the Kinect was calling me. I still have several Kinect games that haven’t been tried out yet – but I didn’t dare touch those without giving the wife a chance to join in. I also had EA’s Sports Active 2. This is more of a serious Kinect title, and not one that would probably be fair to call a game.

I slid the disk into my Xbox and signed in with Kinect. I took out the heartbeat sensor, inserted the supplied batteries and set up my user. This process included the rather uncomfortable weighing of my self. No that the act of weighing is uncomfortable, just the number produced made me realise how much I needed a serious workout program. 

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After falling in love with the Kinect at a couple of media nights, I decided I couldn’t wait for a loan unit to arrive from Microsoft, so I went out and purchased one on the weekend. I was keen to show my wife and kids just how easy it was to ‘be the controller’ and how much fun the whole concept was.

Maybe I should have read the full instruction guide rather than the quick set up guide.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I rearranged the TV and dvd players to make room for the Kinect unit. But a little sun in my eyes wasn’t going to stop me from introducing my family to the best thing in gaming.

Everything was plugged in and there was enough space to try it out, so I turned on the XBox and went through the set up routine. It wasn’t quite as smooth sailing as I expected, but push on through I did until it was time to play some Kinect Adventures.

This is where it got really frustrating. 

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