GameGuide » Blog Archive » Two Batman DLC Packs Coming in Next Two Weeks

The upcoming free downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Asylum will actually be two separate packs released over the next two weeks. While Eidos and Rocksteady have been quiet, Joystiq reports that SCEE’s Mike Kebby spilled the beans on the PlayStation Blog. “Insane Night” will release September 17 and “Prey in the Darkness” will follow on September 24.

This dispels rumors that the upcoming packs will simply be releases of the “Dem Bones” and “Crime Alley” DLC packs offered as pre-order bonuses, but still doesn’t give any real insight to what the packs will involve. They both sound like challenge rooms; if we had to guess, we’d say “Insane Night” is a combat challenge and “Prey in the Darkness” is a predator challenge. But until we see the packs for ourselves, we can’t be sure. [1up]

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