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I’ve been strung out waiting for this game since they first announced Infinity Ward was making it. I am a huge fan of COD4 with over 950 hours logged for multi player. I have had a good crank at both Campaign and multiplayer [on MW2] and I will be mostly commenting on the multi player aspect. 

Campaign mode is so short, I am almost done, maybe a couple levels left after 5-6 hours. This isn’t a run through on normal for the sake of reviewing this is cranked right up on veteran. I am a firm believer that this is how the game is meant to be and have completed the last 2 COD games on Vet and can proudly say I have COD4’s Mile High Achievement. Yes, I am quite good at COD and FPS in general (except Halo MP) but still I would have imagined getting stuck a little more often. Before people label me as bagging the campaign mode let me just say WOW. It does not disappoint. Even the controversial level at the airport terminal was handled brilliantly. I sat stone-faced playing this level; they captured the horror of the atrocity with finesse. I don’t even remember any background music, just screams and gunfire. This is a mature story line that excels in everything they have tried to convey.

Multiplayer is GREAT. The maps are big, complicated and fun. The guns are much of a muchness though having things like the holographic scope and heartbeat sensor in MP is cool, there are a lot more options for the gun attachments and I even heard someone say there is a perk that lets you take 2 gun attachments. Secondary weapons are not limited to pistols like in the last one but give you options like machine pistols, shotguns and launchers. The create a class reminds me of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 definitely a change for the better as now when I run out of ammo I can pull out my Automatic Pistol as I look around for a new gun.

There are 70 levels before prestige and the scoring system is new with more different ways to earn points like getting payback, ending a death streak and stopping enemies short of a kill streak. Everything has a challenge, guns, attachments and your perks get better the more you use them. There is SOOO much extra stuff in the Multiplayer front screen that I hardly even know what’s going on I am just head down bum up and blasting everything that isn’t friendly.

You can unlock and select your own kill streak rewards from a list of about 15 and if you think your good enough you can pick the tactical nuke and try and get a 25 kill streak. New perks include sentry turrets, care packages, UAV jammers, and several flavours of helicopter, harrier jump jets and even the option to be the gunner on a Chopper or AC-130. The kill streak options work well, you can set directions and cover zones on everything so you can avoid dropping air strikes and having them fly back at you. You can also call in several things at once; it’s quite a sight when a Harrier and a chopper are flying round UAV planes skirt the map and air strikes are going off. There are also death streak perks, which kick in after 3 deaths without a kill and include stealing the other guys class (you get kitted like him, good for stopping the P90 spammers until you get your own), juggernoob for 10 seconds etc.

Searching for games seems to work better as a single player rather than a party I spent ages sitting in the lobby as Me +5 tried to find green rooms. I got sick of not playing so just did my own thing and loved it. It’s really fun and easier than World at War MP but more challenging than COD4 MP. All in all you will do about as well as you have always done. Once you stop trying to figure out all the new features and just strap a red dot on an m4 you will be fine. Oh Yeah, to start with pack the Marsh Mellows and camp like a mofo. A lot of you have seen how I play (rabid ferret on speed) and I still haven’t got fully into the swing of run and gunning. I have found a few camping spots on most levels that I like to move between and if you absolutely must run around I recommend sticking to the edges of the map that way you got one less side to worry about cause there a dozen places to shoot and be shot from once you start getting into the middle of the maps.

I got from level 0 to level 5 in my first game, K:D 44:22 on headquarters lol. I also had a playing against Americans (lag fest), I got a 22 kill streak and finished the game K:D 25:2. I have had a few shockers as well but it’s pretty much business as usual.

I love this game and I can’t wait till the weekend. Oh and I forgive this game of any issues that may arise because everything they got right is bang on. Roll on the DLC.

Reviewed on: XBox 360

Available on: XBox 360, PS3

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