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Ghostbuters the game takes you back in time to 1991, two years after the events of the second Ghostbusters film. It’s time to start the next chapter in the world of paranormal investigations and eliminations, and first thing to do is to expand the team. This is where you come in, joining the Ghostbusters team as an experimental weapons technician – a job so risky that the other team members don’t even want to give you a nickname – lest they grow attached to the rookie and you die! The action kicks in right off the bat when a strange wave of ghostly energy emanates from the museum which is hosting a Gozer exhibit and spreads throughout New York City.

Ghostbusters the game is played out as the third movie in the series, and as such opens with a stunning cut scene illustrating the aforementioned ghostly explosion – the graphics are tight, and the four original members all look like their youthful selves, voiced by the original members (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson). If you’re a fan of the films, you’ll instantly recognise everyone bar the rookie in this game – the 3D rendering is that good – and the character animation in the cut scenes is amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough, the original theme song is used throughout the game installing further the feeling of nostalgia.

Of course, graphics and sound don’t make a game enjoyable to play, so how does Ghostbusters the game play? Well for one, with it being the third film so to speak, it doesn’t allow for any sandbox play what so ever – it’s a very linear game, but one that works surprisingly well. It also doesn’t make life too easy for you – at first you’ll probably find the game a little confusing – there are helpful hints available at the touch of a button, but some times you just have to get out your PKE Meter and hunt down the next ghoul yourself. Whilst this and the linear style might frustrate some, it actually adds to the game play – rather than being spoon fed directions, you have to act like one of the team and just get the job done.

The controls are easy to use – once you figure out how the game plays – and you’ll be away bagging ghosts in no time. The third person view is uncluttered with information – though everything you need to know has visual tell tell signs, and your team mates will tell you where to look if you don’t seem to be helping them with the mission at hand.

Whilst using the PKE Meter your world turns night vision green and you switch to a first person mode – which is unusual for a third person style game, but works well. Operating your Proton stream to capture ghosts is tricky as first – it’s like trying to swat flies with water from a hose. But soon you’ll be able to upgrade to a more controllable unit. In the meantime you can cause quite a bit of property damage, which in its self brings out the mischievous kid in you, if you’re anything like me!

All in all, if you loved the films, then you’ll love the game. If you’ve never seen or heard about the Ghostbusters films, go rent them now. Chances are you’ll be very perplexed if you don’t, and getting into the game might take you a while longer. You’ll still end up enjoying the game though, ‘cause it’s a blast to play.

Reviewed on: Xbox 360

Available on: XBox 360, PC, Wii, DS

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