GameGuide » Blog Archive » Microsoft launches Games on Demand for PC

As reported on Kotaku, Microsoft has officially launched their latest effort to deliver PC games directly to users via the Internet. After creating a Gamertag and downloading the Games for Windows – LIVE software, you will have instant access to many popular titles.

These are the games which are currently featured: 1. Shadowrun 2. Viva Piñata 3. Battlestations: Pacific 4. DiRT 2 5. Fallout 3 6. Red Faction: Guerilla 7. Resident Evil 5 8. Street Fighter IV NOTE: For a limited time, Shadowrun and Viva Piñata are on sale for 50% off. Other titles, such as Section 8 and Hot Import Nights, are said to be available as well. As the program picks up more “steam” there are sure to be plenty more popular titles thrown into the mix. Halo 1 and 2 seem like obvious assumptions.

It will be interesting to see if this changes the landscape of online video game delivery… most likely not.

Click here to visit the official site.


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