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So, I was just having some of the usual gaming of Free for All, when after a laggy game, I left and went to find a new one…
So I did, I joined, started to move… thought, “this is a bit weird” ran around… WOW, this is FAST!? Initially I thought it was just me, after I died, it was still happening… then I saw every one else running rather fast… SO I got my cell out and hit record. 

So, this glitch seems to be a new one, I asked the guys I was playing with were it came from, they all thought so too. From what I can tell, this has been around for about 3 weeks.
What it seems to do is just alter the speed at which a player moves and sprints. This also effects jumping from high places; you seem to hit “Jump” and just fly away for a few secs before slowing coming back to earth…

I don’t know what to make of this hack, but I did play about 3 or 4 games with it… It seems rather stupid, doesn’t help like the last one, nor does it make the game easier… in-fact, it is rather hard!

This only solidifies our call for Infinity-Ward/Activision to fix the game and give us some free DLC.

Have you guys played a hacked game like this? What are your thoughts on it? And Should Infinity Ward give us some free stuff?

Let us know!
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