GameGuide » Blog Archive » Five Things Infinity Ward Needs To Do To Save Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has the potential to be a great multiplayer game. And, at times it is. Sadly, a combination of human nature (the hacks and abuses of the community) and ineptitude (Infinity Ward’s arrogance in not having a multiplayer beta) is ruining the game.

Here is how it could be fixed…  

1. Fix Matchmaking

At present, trying to find a game with a party of friends succeeds roughly 10% of the time. The rest of the time, your party gets separated, or you sit endlessly in the lobby. It’s ironic to describe this as game-breaking, since it means you can’t play the game. Searching for a game on your own nets you a red or yellow bar ping about 90% of the time. Local search would fix this.

2. Get Rid Of Tactical Insertions

I find nuke-boosters abusing tactical insertions in more matches than not. Needless to say, this devalues the whole idea of Prestige mode. A Beta test would have highlighted the problems with tactical insertion. But we’ll take just getting rid of it now.

3. Fix Glitches and Fix Them Fast

The Javelin glitch. The care package sprinting glitch. And now, the One Man Army, infinite care package glitch. All of these glitches ruin the experience for players, and waiting 2-3 weeks for them to be sorted out is far too long.

4. Modern Warfare, Not Shotgun & Knife Warfare

The Commando perk – which allows you to “teleport” into knifing range – and the over-powered dual shotguns are both ridiculous. Plain and simple, players should not be able to dominate in that manner. While we’re at it, get rid of Akimbo. Finally, Infinity Ward needs to balance the assault rifles by giving them recoil comparable to Call of Duty 4 levels. I know, strange request. But at present, Submachine guns are all but useless because of the assault rifles laser-like accuracy.

5. Maps, Please

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer was handled by an all new, dedicated team within Infinity Ward. They all need to be fired. Then, Infinity Ward needs to let the map-designers from Call of Duty 4 loose, to create maps with flow… maps actually worth the DLC they are printed on.

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