GameGuide » Blog Archive » Xbox Live ‘More Juvenile’ Than PSN?

The Xbox Live community is often criticized for overly boorish behavior, but rarely do you see the criticism coming from what could be considered a direct competitor. In explaining why he thinks MAG is a better fit for the PlayStation Network, Zipper Interactive’s Ben Jones said it came down to a certain lack of maturity on Microsoft’s network.  

“I actually consider Xbox Live the more juvenile of the two,” Jones said to GamerZines earlier this week (via Edge-Online), citing “the things that are being said over Xbox Live” (although he didn’t mention anything more specific than that).

“Each service has its own posse,” Jones explained. “I think the PlayStation audience definitely fits more to our game. As we saw in the beta we’ve got an audience that’s willing to communicate and willing to organize and structure, and help other people to play the game. That’s the most remarkable thing that I saw in the beta – random people helping other players along to try and familiarize themselves with this really cool experience.” [joystiq]

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