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It’s always hard reviewing a game that has been out on touch screen mobile platforms for nearly one and a half Years. This is especially hard when that game is Fruit Ninja, it’s legendary. In just over a year it sold over 20 million copies over all platforms. For those who haven’t hear of fruit ninja the concept is simple fruit is thrown up onto the screen and it must be sliced, like the part in kung fu movies where they show how sharp their sword is.

This concept is the kind of simple that would have people standing in front of arcade machines feeding coins in for hours and that’s pretty much what you in for with Fruit Ninja Kinect. Well, thankfully you only have to pay a few coins once. This game is pretty addictive and in my fumbling to try and stop playing my tired arms kept hitting play again and felt obliged to play for at least an hour longer.

Make no mistake about this. On a touch screen mobile, fruit ninja is a great way to fill a bus trip or loading screens on core games. On Kinect they should have added a calorie counter and warning screens saying if your arms are falling off its time to stop. It’s amazing how losing all sense of time and flailing your arms around like a maniac can degenerate into aching limbs.

There is a whole raft of in game collectables to unlock which alter the background, blade and your shadow and with the hand full of game modes there’s always something to do. Another nice thing is that the challenge mode pits you against your friends rather than against some pre loaded criteria so there’s always a little something to do.

Fruit Ninja Kinect has the rich and vibrant graphics that versions have enjoyed. There seems to have been a lot of polish applied to the audio and visual and with the aid of your shadow being projected on the backdrop the controls have moved beautifully from touch screen to motion capture. The whole package is quality and beautifully presented.

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