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Its the near future and the world is running out of room and resources (beer, chippies that sort of thing). There are still the two big super powers, The United States with their technologically advanced Solar Energy Generator (Space Station), and the Russian Federation, which has just been overthrown by ultra-nationalists called the Order of the Russian Star.

In the opening scenes of the game the Russians have taken control of the Solar Energy Generator and have destroyed San Francisco, threating to do the same to New York City if the USA does not surrender.

The President of the United States is then forced to make a decision between surrender or a battle to the end. So begins a battle between a heavily armed US Space Marine task Force (Bravo Company) and some hi-tech Russian robotics. In the midst of the Marine Task Force is Sam, a researcher armed with the latest Augmented Reaction Suit from the US Military (DARPA).

This suit has everything. Guns, Rockets, jet boosters, pizza ovens and pezz dispensers (ok maybe not the last two). It also interacts with the wearer to improve reaction times and general awareness. Armed with your ‘One Man Army’ suit your tasked with the job to retake the stolen Solar Energy Generator, and secretly asked to rescue a trapped scientist onboard.

Right.. So the comments i’ve been reading about this game is that its Fun, Visually Stunning and packed with Over the top action… I can confirm this to be true. Its insane. The gameplay is kinda fun and even on easy as pie mode it still packs punch. You work as part of a platoon of Marines (and yes you need these guys!!) as you make your way further and further into the space station. At stages you are meet with some significant hurdles. Boss fight scenes require alot of thought, over alot of bullets. Sheer brute force will gain you a world of empty clips.

The game pivots heavily on cinematics to keep the story in tow, which works well. Being a storyline that leverages an Anime culture you will find plenty of awful one liners (perhaps in Japanese these wouldnt be so corny) and plenty of plot points for dummies (its not an academy winner). But thats fine with me, the intense action and visually rich battlefields more than make up for it. 

Probably my only wish for this game would be a Multiplayer Mode.

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simvanquish11-150x150-4 simvanquish12-150x150-3 simvanquish13-150x150-4

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