Edifier V4 Gaming Headset

Edifier was kind enough to send me one of their V4 Gaming Headsets late last year, and I was quite excited until I relasied that it wasn’t compatible with my XBox. Though it would work on the PS4, so all was not lost.

Primarily the V4 is a PC gaming headset, but seeing as I don’t do much if any PC gaming, the review was going to have to be run purely from a PS4 gaming and media point of view, which is where the first problem arose. The headphone cable just wasn’t long enough. A quick look on MightyApe and I had a USB extension cord the following day.

The extension cable worked really well, but it kept nagging me in the back of my head that I shouldn’t have to buy extension cables for serious gaming gear.

Now the Edifier V4 is a nice looking headset, I got the white one which is really nice, and it’s comfortable as well, which is quite frankly more important. It even has blue neon lights on each side, which is nice from a visual point a view but also a waste of effort as all one really should care about is comfort and sound.

As I’ve already mentioned they are comfortable. They sit well on my head and the padding makes a nice fit around my ears. The V4 headset has a 7.1 surround sound built-in sound card, which as you can guess creates fucking awesome sound. The main game I played was Hitman 2, which I had been playing just through the TV speakers. The first time a grenade went off whilst wearing the V4 headset, I nearly shat my pants.

Of course, being that I mainly play games on my XBox, the V4 would primarily be a headset of watching films, so what better film than the BluRay version of Bladerunner 2049 to test them out? I had originally seen Bladerunner 2049 on the Imax and it was nothing short of stunning. But watching it on BluRay on my TV it had lost some of its magic. Watching it for the third time, but through the V4 headset, I was reminded of how freaken awesome the sound was at the Imax. The soundscape produced by the headset was just incredible.

But then I had to put the headset away, tidy up the cables and leave the lounge tidy for the morning.

I always meant to watch more films with the V4, but I could never be bothered hunting down the USB extension cable and plugging everything back together. So the V4’s Achilles heel was the far too short cable for PS4 players/film watchers.

But then in the last week, my daughter has taken to camping on the couch watching Netflix on her iPad and being generally distracting, so I decided to dig out the V4 and my extension cable and give myself some much-needed privacy to concentrate on what I wanted to watch. I was instantly reminded of just how freaken great the headset was, and even the simple volume control on the cable allowing me to adjust volume on the fly. The cable didn’t bother me so much anymore, I was just immersed in my viewing experience.

Then I remembered I was supposed to write a review about these bad boys. I can quite honestly say that these are the best sounding headset that I have ever owned, and if edifier ever released an XBox compatible version I’d be all over it.

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