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dead-to-rights-2Dead to Rights: Retribution is a rebooting of franchise that made a name for itself on the original Xbox and PlayStation 2. You play the part of Grant City police officer Jack Slate, and you fight crime with your partner, a dog you’ve called Shadow. A violent crime wave has began a steady rampage around the city, and it looks to be the work of one criminal mastermind, and it’s your job to discover who, by using all you policing skills.

And by policing skills, I mean ability to violently kill everyone who gets in your way – which isn’t such a bad thing when everyone is trying to kill you. 

Retribution is basically a third person shooter that utalises cover in much the same vein as Gears of War, but without the oversized armour and without the ability to wield a chainsaw attached to your machine gun. In fact gun play will only get you so far, as you run out of ammo very quickly and have to pick weapons or ammo off dead enemies, or disarm them and shoot them in the head. This is where had to hand combat come in to play, and you have quite a few moves available to you, as well as some very gruesome slow motion take downs. Retribution is in fact a very visually violent game, with head shots being rewarded in a slow motion display of exploding blood and brains.

Add to all this the inclusion of a dog, that in some missions you get to play, and others to get to give orders to. But this is not just any old dog, this is a dog who goes about his job like a dog who was raised with a taste for human flesh, as he literally devours anyone you set him on, blood spurting liberally and he makes sure they won’t ever get back up.

Quite a handy dog really when you job is to kill every living criminal in the city.

The game is incredibly linear, but this helps push the story along, forcing you from one action scene to the next, with plenty of variety in locations, just to keep things interesting, along with various different foes, from common unarmed grunts, to snipe rifle wielding bad boys and the occasional RPG dude. Getting used to the cover system and perfecting head shots is essential to making it through this game.

Basically, if you enjoy blood soaked visuals, run and gun game-play with the benefit of cover and hand to hand combat, then Retribution is the game for you. If you’re a bit squeamish – go buy a Wii.

The only down side to Retribution is that Jack can be a bit clunky at times, and Shadow just doesn’t seem to fit in the game play 100%. But this doesn’t stop Retribution from being a fun and very playable game.

Reviewed on: XBox 360

Available on: XBox 360, PS3

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