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The comic is broken up into a series of scenes with some ‘choose your own adventure’ points along the way. However there’s only two points you get to make a choice, and only two choices at each of those points, which gives you a total of eight distinct comic scenes to view. However the rather predictable ending is the same no matter what choices you make. 

Also breaking up the comic scenes are a series of three different mini games you’ll have to beat to progress: a Tron ‘light cycle’ race style game, a sort of reverse tower defense game where you’re the attacker and a puzzle game that involves lasers and mirrors. None of these games are very challenging nor particularly interesting and the race game is actively annoying with tempremental controls and a rotating level. The tower defense game I beat simply by button mashing each time, and the laser/mirror puzzles while involving some thought weren’t hard either. The entire game can be played through in a couple of hours on the outside, which will unlock the additional content for Dead Space 2 – an additional costume for the main character.

When you consider it takes between 18-25 -million- US dollars to release a multi-console retail title I have to wonder why the EA marketing machine would release a game like this as part of the run up to Dead Space 2. Ignition is almost universally dull and poorly executed, with the only redeeming point being the passable voice acting for the main characters and supporting cast. I also can’t believe EA seriously expect you to -pay- 400MSP for this 1.6GB download (why is the game that large? I have no idea). Ignition should be a free give-away and even then you won’t play it more than once because it has zero replay value once you’ve seen the unsurprising ending.

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