Zombie Army Trilogy

If Dying Light is my favourite Zombie game ever, then Zombie Army Trilogy is my guilty little secret. My bit of fun on the side.

Set in the final days of World War II, Hitler has unleashed his final, unholy gamble – a legion of undead super soldiers that threatens to swallow up the whole of Europe. Only one man stands in the way of Hitler’s total domination; you. Unless you play online, then you’ll one of two to four men standing in the way of Hitler’s zombies.

Zombie Army Trilogy takes the tried and tested Sniper Elite gameplay, and throws hoards of zombies at you. You even get the X-Ray Kill Cam for the really good shots, slowing time down as you follow the bullet as it races towards your target, ripping through bone or pungent decomposing lungs as it tears your zombie foe to permanent death.

It’s like Rrebellion Games took Sniper Elite and gave it a shit load of crack cocaine and the result was Zombie Army Trilogy. Essentially it’s a get from point A to point B game, but with zombies appearing at first, slowly through the mist some distance away, easy pickings for your sniper skills, but then before long you’ll be in the thick of it, with zombies dragging their smelly arses out of the ground, or running at you with ticking bombs strapped to their chests. Intense, over the top, fun.

Whilst the single player is great, and killing zombies – especially when you can snipe the occasional one – never gets old. The real fun however is when you take it on-line for some co-op fun with friends. It has to be friends, as with any co-op game, Zombie Army Trilogy suffers from the same issues that playing with randoms can bring. But with friends, or people you can trust, it’s a real blast, allowing each player to focus on their strengths whilst their others watch their back!

If you want some brain dead, crazy fun, then Zombie Army Trilogy is for you.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: R16 Contains violence and horror.

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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