You’re Next

You’re Next starts off with obligatory horror staple, the gratuitous sex scene followed by the wander round the house near naked scene. But once that’s out the way, it’s down to blood and gore, with a double homicide in the neighbours house.

Then we pause as we get to know the other neighbours, arriving at their remote holiday mansion, for a family get together with the most dysfunctional families ever. And you know just what’s going to happen, especially with a horror film called You’re Next. But whilst the premise is predictable, a survival horror, You’re Next is nowhere near predictable.

And it’s down right funny.

Right from the get go with the opening sex scene, you, and any other like minded person sharing the couch with you, will be rolling around in fits of laughter. It’s that funny.

Back to the story, the dysfunctional family all come together for some reason that’s not really important, three of the siblings bring new significant others, and one is in an existing steady relationship. Not that any of this matters, because halfway through a hilariously funny dinner, the sole boyfriend notices something out of the window, and shortly after this documentary film-maker becomes the first victim of the main course. It’s this dysfunctional family that our masked murderess have their eyes one, the first neighbours were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Of course, not all goes to plan and not all is as it seems, but one thing’s for sure, the violence is brutal, and the ways to die can be down right funny in a darkly black comedic way. From the way the masked intruders are all wearing animal masks to the surprisingly lethally skilled house guest, You’re Next is the best looking horror for 2014, and it’s only the first one I’ve seen.

If you like brutal but darkly funny, and you loved Cabin In The Woods, then You’re Next is a must see as you get into the new year.

Rating: R18 Horror, graphic violence & offensive language.


Via FilmGuide


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