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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a prequel to last year’s New Order, a game set before B.J. Blazkowicz had to watch his friend die, before he was in a coma, before he killed Deathshead. In Old Blood our hero is infiltrating Castle Wolfenstein, trying to find the location of the evil Nazi leader.

Just like New Order, this mission is filled with blood and violence and more violence, and not many quiet moments of peace. It’s a fast paced game that give priority to gunplay and action, and just like it’s predecessor, it’s plenty of fun. For a blast a minute fun filled game, it’s awesome, but the storyline and the depth of the experience never reaches the heights of The New Order, which is a shame, but in essence a minor detail.

The Old Blood begins at a sedate pace, with a fair bit of stealth, as Blazkowicz and Agent One head to the castle, and chat about their mission. It’s not long after that that they’re discovered and captured and then the action begins to engage overdrive, and as the bullets start to rip through the air at a frantic pace, you’ll be left with no time to catch your breath.

As with New Order, the game features alternative reality pulp style gameplay, with solid weapons that feel hefty, and some steampunk influences, creating an enjoyable environment to be killing nazis in.

In short, The Old Blood lacks some of New Order’s finer points but is a blast to play.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: R16 Graphic violence and offensive language .

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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