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Wet immediately brings to mind the Grindhouse style that Quentin Tarantino recently made popular. This styling of low budget horror, kung-fu and exploitation movies form the 70’s achieved a cult following despite poor print quality, and this homage adds to the over the top and visually violent game play that is the essence of Wet.

From the menu and load screen graphics, to the mini cinema style advertising, right through to the melting film frames when you die, Wet wants you to think you are playing the part of a 70 action hero with a modern twist. The twist being that you’re a woman. 

For a game that is incredibly linear and some what repetitive – you run along a route killing people before ending up in an arena style battle – the gameplay is so over the top and fun that you just don’t care. Being able to leap through the air whilst dual wielding hand guns to dispatch as many enemies as you can, or sliding along the floor shooting as you glide past is the kind of fun that can only be achieved in the oft overlooked third person view.

If pure gun play isn’t going to keep you happy for long, then you can easily holster you guns and bring out the sword of vengeance, jumping, sliding or wall running to your victims and dispatching them in any number of brutally over the top ways.

Before long you’ll be involved in a high-speed chase like none you’ve ever been involved in before. Rather than driving, or shooting from the comfort of the cars interior, you’ll be leaping from vehicle roof to vehicle roof, shooting and slashing your way to the main boss man.

Then when you’ve completed the mission you realise that all that action and fun was only the intro-mission and that game had barely started.

Once introduced to you home base you have to complete a couple of times challenges that help you improve your acrobatic and shooting skills, before being able to purchase some upgrade and start the game proper.

Not long after the game really starts, you get introduced to the most bizarre part of Wet. A level where everything is red, white and black, and you run around a multilevel building – essentially a maze – killing the bad guys in a rage induced frenzy with your sword, watching as they explode in a mixture of white blood and black smoke. Once you make it to the end however, you’re taken back to reality and the blood soaked (we’ll call it a dream sequence) ends.

Wet is definitely about game play and fun, the game is well presented and the graphics good. Camera issues are few, and normally only when your character gets too close to a wall or object. The controls are easy enough to just pick you and run with, and with three difficulty settings there’s one for every type of gamer.

Wet does run the risk of being the type of game that you could grow bored of over time, but I think the sheer over-the-top-ness of the game will keep you coming back again and again, even after clocking the game.

Reviewed on: Xbox 360

Available on: XBox 360, PS3

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