Weekly Kinect Update

In the lead up to Christmas we quietly launched a new website, with a focus entirely on Microsoft’s Kinect Unit.  We did this for two reasons, firstly because we absolutely love the Kinect, and secondly we recognise that it’s aimed at a slightly different demographic and as such didn’t want to overload this site with Kinect reviews and updates.  What we will be doing for GameGuide is producing a semi regular ‘weekly update’ to keep you informed of what we’re doing over at KinectGeek. 

To begin with, we’ve got three Kinect launch titles reviewed:

Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures will likely be the first game you will play on the Kinect.  namely because it comes bundled with the system.  It’s not a huge game, and had you purchased it you may feel a little ripped off – essentially it’s five mini games (20,000 Leaks, River Rush, Rallyball, Reflex Ridge and Space Pop) wrapped up in a funky story of adventurers.

Kinect Adventures is an absolute blast to play and the kind of game you pick up really easy.  Of course with only five different mini games it might get a little old for some people after the first couple of sessions.  [MORE]

Kinect Sports

Where Kinect Adventures was a good introduction to the Kinect, Kinect Sports takes you to the next level and instantly becomes the new yard stick for measuring all other Kinect titles.It’s also one of the most un-original games that you will play.  Every movement-tracking gaming device has a sports title, from the Wii Remote to Playstation Move.  It’s the essential title to show off you new controllers.

So you could be asking yourself why we need another new interactive sports title, and it would be a fair question.  Fair at least until you’ve played it.  This is where the Kinect once again shines.  The lack of having to hold a cumbersome controller is one thing, but playing a sports game that tracks all of your movements and not just the controllers you have in your hand is a totally unique experience.  [MORE]

EA Sports Active 2

The humid nights that preceded Christmas, along with the increasing business of the Holiday season saw my intended 9 week fitness plan come to a crashing fail after barley two weeks.  But those two weeks were a combination of massive highs (as I continued to do better day after day) and frustrating lows (as I realised how un-fit I was as I continued to fail in completing many of my prescribed workouts).The results in calories burnt seemed impressive, until I looked up what the average calorie intake was.  But it was a start, and with the more sedate pace of the new year, I aim to pick my game back up and pound off a few more calories.

One thing Active 2 did do, was encourage me into a more physically active holiday with plenty of beach walks and swimming rather than the usual sunbathe with a good book and get roasted like a lobster. [MORE]

We have a stack of Kinect titles still waiting to be reviewed over the next couple of weeks and we’ll also be putting the spotlight on some of the upcoming Kinect games.

We’re also going to be starting a semi regular column for the hacker in you, where Urbankiwi will take a look at the ‘other’ uses for your Kinect controller.

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