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Of course the addition of zombies to any game will not necessarily make for an enjoyable experience, however the guys at Rockstar have once again played a winning hand with Undead Nightmare.  It is, without a doubt the best piece of DLC I have ever played.  It sets a fairly high benchmark for others to follow. 

Essentially it’s nothing more than a new mission set in a world that you’ve already explored.  That world however has changed, with everything being made into zombies.  Add to that a few mythical creatures and the same style of random encounters that you discovered in the original and you have a solid game add-on.

The clincher is how well it all fits into the world of Red Dead, with cut scenes and action that sees you meeting up with the people you met in the original story.  Everything is there, the Rockstar humour, the action, the referencing to B-Grade horrors, all warped up in a very camp style.

If you loved playing through the story of Red Dead, you’ll love this not so little side quest, and the new range of challenges that come with it.

But wait, there’s more.

Rockstar have not only created a story that breath life into most of my dreams (or should that be nightmares?), they’ve also managed to get be back into playing Red Dead on XBox Live with the Zombie survival mode.  No longer do I have to spend my evenings getting killed by human opponents, now I get to team up and try and survive wave after wave of zombies, in a style that is reminiscent of World At War’s zombie mode, but in reality, ten times more fun.

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