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So Tron : Evolution is a story about Anon (played by yourself) a program designed to Monitor the world of Tron, more specifically a conspiracy within the world. Without going into too much specifics, its a story line that ties in very well with the novel and movie at the same time as feeling like part of the overall epic. It involves some of the cast from the movie, but not all. It does carry alot of the visual elements as the movie and includes music by Daft Punk. All of the gameplay is in third person mode, which is not entirely awful. The biggest issue with third person is that the camera angles mess up with your game play, this was not the case here.

There is a multiplayer mode to the game as well. You have the oppourtunity to play with up to 10 other players in 4 gaming modes. There are deathmatch modes (Disintegration and team disintegration), a headquarters / capture the bases mode (Power Monger) and a capture the flag mode (Bit Runner). This is all delivered on 4 maps and include on foot Disc combat fighting mode and vehicle based fighting (light cycles and tanks). Unfortunately no LightFlyers.

You know we’ve seen Tron:Legacy (Review can be found here) and I had some fairly high hopes for this game. The original Tron arcade game, launched with the 1982 movie, actuall out sold the movie itself. But i find myself torn. Its not an entirely bad game, the multiplayer modes are a bit of fun. Yet the single player mode left me constantly wanting to throw my controller at the screen. Maybe it was the 3rd person shooter style, making it challenging to hit the walls correctly and bouncing off into a void. It certainly wasn’ the music, that was good.

I just cant really pick it. It delivers its purpose of bridging the gap between the novel and the movie, however somewhere i feel they lost the ability for the gamer to explore the world of the Grid a little more. Expectations are a funny thing and with a franchise like Tron its going to be hard to keep everyone happy, however while Tron : Evolution will entertain some, its certainly wont entertain all.

I still like Tron though.

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