Trials Fusion

RedLynx are the masters of frustration, addiction and pure gaming pleasure, all wrapped into one. And they do it through a simple game with motorbikes and slightly over the top physics. If you haven’t played the previous Trails game on the XBox 360, the concept is simple – you have to ride a motorbike over an obstacle course, as quickly as possible with as few errors as possible.

Sounds simple right? And it is fairly simple to begin with, but then the courses get more wacky and have harder obstacles. As you progress along you unlock better bikes and new tracks, along with tutorials for what’s coming up.

The thing is, Trials Fusion’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. You know you can do everything it asks of you, so you keep coming back for more, trying to nail that one track that is holding you back, over and over again, until, at 3.30 in the morning you nail it. You contemplate heading to bed with the fresh buzz of success, but something in the back of your head calls you a pussy, and you fire up the next track, for just one quick go.

So what’s new with Fusion? Whilst graphically it doesn’t look like it’s had a huge makeover (and it doesn’t need one) it does look slicker due to it’s more futuristic settings. There’s a bigger range of bikes, including quad bikes, which actually handle differently. And then their are the tricks.

This simple system controlled by the tumbsticks, of having you able to perform tricks whilst catching some of the typically big air, gives the game that added level of challenge, and replay.

Not much else has changed, other than some really well implemented track designs and a whole new era of gaming addiction.

Trials Fusion takes the series in the right direction, with a subtle improvement over the previous game, whilst retaining everything that made it so damned good.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: PG



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