The Winter Games are Coming with new Tune-ups for this Year!

You are part of a new era of Metal, Power, and Glory!

Winter Games gets a new look in 2020! Thanks to a rearranged phase system, 2020 will become more interesting and practical in every game you play!

Before you head out to kick ass, check out the new adjustments:

The Winter Games (and the following campaigns in 2020) will now have a single 3-month phase Each phase will have 100 Stages Moving from Stage 2 to Stage 3 will take the same amount of points as moving from Stage 98 to Stage 99 Once you complete ALL the Winter Games 2020 Stages, you will receive the T-34 Shielded for FREE The T-34 Shielded will become available at a discount after you finish Stage 35 (for 35% off) and Stage 70 (for 70% off)

Each Season Game will have its own exclusive reward Tank. Each vehicle comes with its own unique set of characteristics and specialties that you don’t want to miss. So whatever you do, keep playing!

Note: Choose wisely when to acquire your T-34 Shielded – If you buy it early at a discount, you WILL NOT be able to use later discounts or receive the tank for free once you complete Winter Games 2020.

Earning rewards is still as straightforward as ever. Simply tackle Daily and Weekly Ops to earn points and awesome rewards, including Gold, Silver, Free XP, XP and Silver Boosts, Consumables, and a FREE (or massively discounted) T-34 Shielded. If you have a Premium Account, certain steps will even grant you additional bonus rewards! After you finish all the Winter Games Stages you will get extra XP on every battle until the end of the phase.

All Ops will be activated for you when they become available, so there’s no need to select them—just roll out and battle. Additionally, your first victory every day will award you a random number of points so remember to play often!

Good luck, Commander.

The Weekly Ops and Bonus Ops will be available on January 07th after the weekly server restart! Check your ‘Ops’ tab in-game to see the criteria for the latest Weekly, Daily, and Bonus Ops!


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