The Fate of the Furious

The Fast and the Furious franchise never seems to run out of gas, and if this installment is anything to go by, there is still plenty left in the tank. Fate starts of in Cuba with a drag race that it so stupidly ridiculous and over the top un-believable that it even has this seasoned fan worried that the series has just imploded. Fortunately this is only a minor hiccup and the film soon finds it’s groove.

And the groove comes when the boys are called upon to do another job for the shady American government operative, Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody, which if you’ve seen the trailers (and who hasn’t?) you’ll know goes South with Dom betraying his family.

With Dom working for Cipher, a cyber terrorist who seems intent on starting World War III, there is only one crew that can solve the riddle and save the world. Cue some big dumb fun.

And the fun and action doesn’t come much bigger than in Fate, especially when Cipher hacks a massive amount of cars in New York City and uses then to chase down and capture a Russian diplomat in a sequence that reminds you of the zombies in World War Z.

And the fun, well that is in good supply, especially with Statham and Johnson squaring off in ever scene possible. But for all the action, fun and good times, it’s the newest member of the team that steals the show, as he partners up with Statham in a brilliant gun fight.

Rating: M Violence & offensive language.




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