The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

The arrival of the XBox One and PS4 meant one thing; my trusty old 360 was going to have to be packed away. For the most part this was a fairy painless experience. Most of my favourite games would soon be superseded by new releases on the new consoles. One game however kept calling out to me, and I kept promising myself I would unpack my 360 just to return to my adventures. Of course I never found the time to unpack my 360 and continue my adventures in Skyrim, it just became one of those regrets that gnaw at your soul discreetly.

But as luck would have it, Bethesda decided to release me from my torment and release a remastered edition of Skyrim. This was great news for me, not so great for my 360, which will now never see the light of day again!

Now I find with these re-mastered re-releases of games, the graphics, whilst much improved do tend to fail in regards to my over anticipated expectations. It’s natural, being a remastered game and not a game re-built form scratch. And the same thing happens with Skyrim. It looks lovely, but not up to my over demanding expectations. Of course that can be said of any Bethesda open world game. Gameplay and world size have always been above being the best looking game, and the games have all benefited from this approach.

And as it turns out, not being quite as pretty as anticipated was not an issue for Skyrim’s debut on the XBox One. It was just great to be home. And starting out the adventure from square one, having already put countless hours into the original meant that I was ready to do things a little different, and as such, discovered things and side quests that I had missed on my first play through.

I am now getting immersed again in one of the greatest gaming adventures ever released, and for that I say thank you Bethesda.

Rating: R13 Contains Violence.



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