The Crew

Driving games have to nail one thing, and they have to nail it the first time to get in a car. It has to feel right. You want the thrill of speed with the edge of your seat feeling when you push the cars ability to grip the road to it’s utter most point. You want to be-able to smell the burning rubber, to giggle with joy as you drift through a corner, to exhale relief when your tires finally grip and you correct a mistake at the very last minute. And you want to race against competent drivers.

None of this exits in The Crew. This ambitious title gives the player a scaled down United States Of America to drive around, plenty of road and different locations, all seemingly available just by seamlessly driving across the country, along with lots of cars to drive and upgrade.

It’s a racing game that wants to be an MMO RPG, but it’s crippled by the racing structure itself. It’s a game with a cliched story intro (what game hasn’t got one of those!) but one that you also won’t give a flying rats arse about. It’s an open world racer that feels empty.

To make matters worse, and some may mock me for saying this, but I’d rather race cars in GTAV than in The Crew because they feel much better.

‘Nuff said.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: R16 Contains Violence.

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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