The Big Sick

A Pakistani born stand up comedian meets an American grad student in the ever so racist land of the free. As romance starts to grow and we the viewer fall in love with this cute couple, the girl falls into a coma, and neither sets of parents are happy. Both are racist in their own way, and Kumail Nanjiani (played by Kumail Nanjiani) has to decide on love vs family.

Yep, pretty much you usual far fetched rom-com.

Except this one is based on a true story. Which in case you didn’t realise is why Kumail Nanjiani plays Kumail Nanjiani. He also wrote the film which is probably best as it is his own life story.

It’s a heart warming unpredictable story about love and racism, commitment and changing attitudes and most of all, about family and the role it plays in life.

If you want to have a feel good and laugh filled night on the couch, The Big Sick is just what the doctor ordered.

Rating: M Offensive language and sexual references.




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