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How you actually solve the puzzles is by creating objects by writing there name in your notepad.  Doing so brings that object into reality.  One of the early puzzles requires only a ladder.  Another requires a furry house.  

Some puzzles are easy, some not so, but all it seems have multiple solutions.  In-fact to fully complete the game, you have to solve every puzzle three times, using different objects each time.  So there is certainly plenty of challenge.

But I can’t spell that good, so this game is going to suck.  Nope.  I can’t spell that well either (just read enough of my reviews and you’ll bound to fins a typo or two) but fortunately if you miss-spell something, Scribblenauts will offer up a couple of options for you to choose from.

To get my head around some of the puzzles, I had to head online for some help, which is where I came across an interesting little bit of information.  It seems like Scribblenauts has far more words that you would actually need.  And when I discovered that the word zombie was one of the words, I had to give it a go.

Of course, the zombie started to attack Maxwell, but according to the information I had just gleamed from the website, I could just type in brain.  Once the brain appeared the zombie would go and eat that.  Of course, upon finishing the brain it went back to attacking Maxwell.  There was an easy solution to my self created zombie problem, just write ‘exploding brain’ in my note pad.  Zombie eats brain, brain explodes killing zombie.

And if that doesn’t tell you just how creative this game is, and the possibilities it holds, then nothing will.

Scribblenauts may be aimed at kids, but it offers up endless hours of fun for just about anyone.

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