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If Jerry Bruckheimer were to make a racing game, it would be Split/Second. Whilst most racing games focus on the realities of racing, there are a few out there that focus on destruction. Burnout and Motorstorm may have had you forcing your competitor off the road and into a solid, car destroying barrier, but the Bruckheimer influenced Split/Second isn’t interested in just destroying cars, it’s interested in Bruckheimer’s calling card – big explosions and destruction.

Drifting (a major component of the game) drafting and jumps all fill up you power meter. Use the power meter to open up shortcuts (boring) or cause destruction and mayhem for your opponent ahead of you, sometimes altering the race course totally by bringing down entire building or bridges onto the track. It’s not unusual to trigger and event that will take out three opponents at once, rocketing you from fourth to first place. But before you think that it sounds a little too easy to win, your opponents will be trying to do exactly the same to you. 

Packaged up into a television style event, where you progress through races to unlock new cars, and races, giving you enough to carry on to the second episode, Split/Second draws you into it’s frenetic and addictive world with ease. The lighting effects and pyrotechnics are top notch, and there’s so much going on that your adrenaline will go into overdrive as you have to keep you eye out not only on the ever changing course and the visual indicators of there the race is turning (there are no min-maqps in this game!), but also on the entire track side environment so you can make split second decisions that will see you either avoid destruction or embrace it head on.

With a pumping soundtrack that only re-enforces the Bruckheimer-nees of the whole event, Split/Second is the racing game for short attention spans – you won’t get any epic 24 hour endurance races, just quick, frantic races that will have you coming back for more, over and over again. Taking out your opponents by bringing a 747 crash landing on them never gets old.

Reviewed on: PS3

Available on: XBox 360, PS3

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