Spiderman Into The Spiderverse

Tipping the hat to the late Stan Lee, one could not have selected a better film to pay homage and honor to the creativity and entertainment that he has brought to the world. Spiderman into the Spiderverse is a perfect mash up of comic strip, animation, action film, and story that one could have ever anticipated. Pushing the envelope on multiple fronts, no mold was used to formulate this creative masterpiece. I can only imagine the conversations in the design studio with naysayers of “we can’t do that…oh yeah? Watch me!” And for an avid moviegoer, I am thankful they did because it worked beautifully!

Now I am not one that grew up reading the comics and knowing the ins and outs of every plot before it unravels on the big screen, but I am thankful for friends that can help in the debrief. I find that this Spiderman can stand alone quite well, but I am certain it entangles web connections to multiple other stories that have left us in awe over the last decade.

Taking the iconic Peter Parker and handing his story over to parallel universes with different characters is a bold move! Opening on screen we meet the first person outside of Peter Parker to share the web slinging brilliance of Spiderman. Entering Miles Morales, I was in awe of the opening scene as I knew we were in for a treat. In a world that was broken, Stan Lee created the Marvel Universe to inspire and renew the hopes and dreams of those that would come along for the journey. In a world that is currently divided, the opening depicting getting up and heading to school was one of the best and most intentional workings of celebrating multicultural existence that I have ever seen on the big screen and to that I say well done!

Miles is facing identity crisis as he is finding his place in the universe as an awkward yet talented adolescent. Receiving the bite of a radioactive spider, his life gets more complicated with his uncanny spidey sense that has yet to be harnessed and fully understood. Helping gain insight from his neighborhood friendly superhero would not be enough to explain the fullness of his capabilities.

Kingpin is the films antagonist that has a hatred for anyone standing in the way of reclaiming his family from a parallel universe. With the help of Doc Ock, Kingpin endeavors to split the time continuum to reunite the only thing he has ever loved other than power. Opening up a portal that could lead to destruction of all things also comes the unity of those that fight to save all which is sacred.

Building the Spider team, a world of animators brought to life spider characters from every universe…the old, the new, the looney, familiar, and even the anime. Together, they must learn to work together to defeat the evil endeavor of Kingpin so they can make it back “home”. In doing so, they will face the likes of the massive Green Goblin, the agile Prowler, the insane Doc Ock, and even the vicious Scorpion.

Like any good underdog story, we are cheering for Miles to find his way and ultimately save the day as a new welcomed character in the Marvel Universe.

Rating: PG Violence & coarse language.



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